Separable easy to recycle packaging

PE+ Lidding

Mono material recyclable lidding

Pre-stretch Films

Pre-stretched, reduced thickness films for added performance and environmental benefits

Blast Hybrid Stretch Film

Ultra-performance cast alternative for industrial applications

Thermoforming Films for Medical Devices

Security and safety for singe-use medical devices


Robust, clear pouches for medical applications


Medical pouches and tubes for safe and reliable application


Steam sterilisation with Tyvek® – high grade and safe

FLEXOPEEL® Header Pouches

Specialist pouches for medical applications


Robust and impermeable to bacteria


CLEERPEEL® pouches for optimum protection

Board Trays & Punnets

Enhanced shelf presentation using sustainably sourced, recyclable cartonboard

Lined Board

Outstanding consumer convenience, freshness and protection for food on the move

Sleeves & Cartons

Protection, functionality & visual appeal

Stretch sleeves

No glue, no heat easy-apply sleeves for functional performance

Shrink sleeves

Combining outstanding shelf-presence with sustainable benefits


Lightweight, sustainable label decoration

Wrap-around BOPP Labels

Efficient, high speed labelling for the bottling industry

Self-adhesive Labels

Flexible & decorative label formats to enhance your products


Optimal bundling solution for fast-moving consumer goods

Unterland EfW (Energy from Waste)

Optimal transportation, storage and protection of waste

Unterland TQ/TQ Plus

Thin gauge silage film designed for efficiency

Unterland Pegasus

Powerful and tight stretch film for bale wrapping

Unterland FX

The new generation of bale wrap film

Unterland Extra Plus

Premium silage film with maximum adhesion and trouble-free application

Unterland Crystal

Unterland Crystal

Better transparency in bale silage

Unterland Compact

Unterland Compact

The netwrap alternative for your round silage bales

Unterland Cast-C5

Unterland Cast-C5

The cost saving solution for your silage bales

Highpower RXI

For sensitive, deformable products on pallets

Shrinkpack Light

Ultra lightweight shrink films

Duralite Collation Shrink

Sustainably superior printed and unprinted collation shrink films

Tray and Box Liners

High performance food grade liners

Shrink hood tubes

Safe, secure and stable shrink solutions

Surface Protection Films

Fully recyclable, high-performance surface protection solutions

Super-hand Stretch

Low-gauge, high-strength performance film for hand application


High pallet stability, low film consumption

Kontrax Stretch Hooding

Transport safety and protection for your products

Cereal Liners

Easy-open, sustainable solutions for added protection & performance

Liquid Packaging

Liquid packaging films for convertors

PP + CPL (Coveris Print Layer)

Sustainable, high-performance CPP films

CPP Antifog Lamination Films

High-clarity films for peel and lock-seal applications

PE Lamination Films

Co-ex blown technology for lamination layers

PP Lamination Films

Available in blown and cast technology


Mono-oriented compression films for bulky products

Adhesive Laminate Seal Layers

Sealant products for adhesive lamination

Thermal Laminate Seal Layers

Integral sealant layers to enable heat seal lidding to preformed and thermoformed trays

Ovenable Films

Dual-ovenable performance films for conventional and microwavable applications

Barrier Films

Innovative gas barrier technology available for all standard food and non-food films

Duralite R PCR Films

Next generation sustainable shrink wrap


Our new range of recyclable, single substrate premade bags


Fully recyclable, performance polythene films

CPP Frosty Bags

Versatile and attractive flms for deep-freeze bakery products

Flat Bottom Bags

Our new range of premade plastic bags

Chain Bags

Alternative bag options for premade demands

Block-bottom Bags

Premade bags, glued and/or sealed for powders, long shelf life and ambient products

Wicketted Bags

Perfect protection for bakery and produce products

Quadroseal (freestanding/FSB) bags

A wide range of customisable bags

Premium Premade Stand-up Pouches

For high performance applications

Premade Stand-up Pouches

For standard pouch applications

Reclose to Mono PET

Resealable packaging for sausage and cheese products

Thin lidding film

For PE applications with high barrier in max 40µm thickness

Sealable/peelable to PE/PP

Peelable, multi-format lidding films to PE/PP

Burst Peel to Mono PET

High barrier lidding film peelable to mono PET

Reclose to PE

Resealable packaging for protein and dairy products

Co-clip Industrial

High performance packaging material for non-food products like sealants or adhesives

Co-clip Food

Film Packaging with clip closure

Thermoforming Films

For convenient and long shelf life products

Vertical and Horizontal Flow Packs

Universally usable for various applications

Linerless Labels

Sustainable, wraparound labels for tray packed products