Ready Meals & Convenience

Reclose to Mono PET

Resealable packaging for sausage and cheese products

Ovenable Films

Dual-ovenable performance films for conventional and microwavable applications

Adhesive Laminate Seal Layers

Sealant products for adhesive laminations

Thermal Laminate Seal Layers

Integral sealant layers to enable heat seal lidding to preformed and thermoformed trays

Barrier Films

Innovative gas barrier technology available for all standard food and non-food films

Premium Premade Stand Up Pouches

for high performance applications

Thin lidding film

for PE with high barrier in max. 40µm

Sealable/peelable to PE/PP

Peelable, multi-format lidding films to PE/PP

Thermoforming Films

For convenient and long shelf life products

CPP Antifog Lamination Films

For Peel and Look-Seal Applications

Flat Bottom Bag

Our new range of premade plastic bags

Sleeves & Cartons

Protection, functionality & visual appeal

Self-adhesive labels

Flexible, decorative label formats to enhance your products


Our new range of premade plastic bag in monomaterial

Three-sided sealed bags

Easy to fill and functional

Vertical and Horizontal Flow Packs

Universally usable for various applications

Burst peel to Mono PET

High barrier lidding film peelable to mono pet – total thickness 52µm

Premade Stand Up Pouches

for standard applications

Linerless Labels

Sustainable, wraparound labels for tray packed products