Coveris Flexibles Austria GmbH is one of the leading producers of high-quality plastic films, offering the agricultural sector an innovative high-end film for the wrapping of silage bales. Through our ongoing R&D, we have developed an innovative multilayer film which makes your life easier and improves the silage quality. 




Compact and Better Shaped Bale: With the high tensile force, Unterland Compact creates a tighter and more rounded shaped bale. This allows better stacking and transport.

Higher Protection And Denser Bale: The additional film layers of Unterland Compact will in- crease the mechanical protection on the round side of the bale which will greatly support the handling and storeage of the bales. Furthermore the oxygen barrier is much improved by the additional film layers which will optimize the fermentation process and also assist in reducing the loss  of fodder due to mould.

Easier Opening of The Bales: Remains of net in bales after opening can be avoided. Even the opening of frozen bales is more convenient.

Simplified Waste Disposal: Because the Unterland Compact and all silage wrap films are made from the same material, there is no requirement for separation between film and netting on bale opening. Using Unterland Compact instead of netting will allow your bale protection films to be recycled together.