Coveris Flexibles Austria GmbH is one of the leading manufacturer of premium plastic films and offers innovative and top quality stretch films in the agricultural range for the wrapping of silage bales. Thanks to our ongoing R&D we are able to offer an innovative co-extruded film, which because of a novel manufacturing process and special recipe allows to see into the bales.


  • Perfect Landscape: Due to the transparate packaging the bales fit perfectly into the landscape.
  • Immediate Problem Recognition: Potential single problems can be detected immediately from the outside.
  • Simplified Bale Trade: The fact that the silage is visible through the film simplifies the sale of bales.
  • Special Manufacturing Process: A novel manufacturing process and a special recipe achieve a certified comparable feed quality despite the abstinence of film coloring.
  • Bird Damage Reduction: Using Unterland Crystal reduces or avoids damage by birds, as proven in independent testing.
  • Higher Recycling Value: The new formula allows more extensive recycling of old transparent films and recyclates, increasing their value.