Modern bale wrap films have to be more flexible. A new system was developed to ensure that the accustomed excellent adhesion properties are not adversely affected. The new Unterland FX impresses with optimised operation characteristics and reduced tail formation. It is ideal for the extreme loads caused by using high-performance winders or difficult bale formats. Coveris – Your partner in the field.


  • Optimised Operation Characteristics: Very good rolling characteristics, even at high ambient tem- peratures, ensure excellent bale handling.
  • New Adhesive System: A new adhesive system ensures very good adhesive characteristics and good layer bonding even at cold ambient temperatures and reduces deposits on the wrapper arms, ensuring perfect pre-tensioning.
  • Reduced Tail Formation: The film’s flexibility allows it to attach to the bales immediately after cutting. This leaves no target for dust and wind and tail formation is minimised.
  • For Extreme Applications: The film is suitable for high-performance wrappers and difficult bale formats, both in warm and cold ambient temperatures.