Coveris Flexibles Austria GmbH is one of the leading producers of high-quality plastic films in which we offer the agricultural sector innovative high-end stretch films for the wrapping of silage bales. Continuous research & development enables Coveris to manufac- ture an excellent performing blown stretch film with excellent me- chanical properties. This product is characterised by having more meters per roll allow- ing a higher amount of bales wrapped from the roll and coupled  with less film changes, lowers the cost to the end user.


  • Excellent Tear And Puncture Properties: Using A Thinner Gauge Film: As the result of a unique production process, our thin gauge film has the same tear strength and puncture re- sistance as your usual 25-micron film.
  • Reduced Cost: More film per roll along with less roll changes and langer wrapping time help to reduce the costs.
  • Less Roll Changes: You can wrap 10 - 25% more bales with each roll and the wrapping process becomes even more efficient.
  • Less Film Scrap: For the end user, film wastage is reduced by 10 - 25% per bale - that saves you money and is environmentally friendly.
  • Shorter Machinery Idle Time: As a result of the greater run length, the work can be done with less interruptions and consequently quicker. As a re- sult, the machinery has less idle time and can be used more effectively.