Industrial & transport films

Kontrax Stretch Hooding

Transport Safety and Protection for your Products


High Pallet Stability Despite Less Film Consumption

Blast Hybrid Stretch Film

Ultra-performance cast alternative for industrial applications

Pre-stretch Films

Pre-stretched, reduced thickness films for added performance and environmental benefits

Super-hand Stretch

Low-gauge, high-strenth performance film for hand application

Surface Protection Films

Fully recyclable, high-performance surface protection solutions

Shrink hood tubes

Protection and stability for your products

Tray & Box Liners

High performance food grade liners

Duralite R PCR Films

Next generation sustainable shrink wrap

Duralite Collation Shrink

Sustainably superior printed and unprinted collation shrink films

Shrinkpack Light

Lightweight Construction For Packaging

Highpower RXI

For sensitive, deformable products on pallets