Thanks to our expertise and technical department’s innovative approach, we offer tailor-made solutions for our clients’ specific needs.
Our shrink tubes and hoods are recommended for packaging operations where security during transportation, product protection, pallet stability and packaging performance are required.
Very resistant, they support and stabilise your pallet contents for secure transportation.
Our shrink tubes and hoods are weatherproof so you can stock your pallets outside. They are designed to protect your products against weather conditions and dirt.
Optimize your advertising and product differentiation by using prints in up to 3 colours or by selecting process-coloured tubes and hoods.


  • High temperature and UV resistance
  • Anti-stick available
  • Optimal pallet stability
  • Perfect advertising and product differentiation medium
  • Solvent-free printing available
  • Process-coloured film available
  • Printing up to 3 colours
  • Additives : colour, UV protection, UV barrier, anti-stick
  • Micro-perforations available


  • Construction
  • Glass
  • Drinks