Stops misting up of transparent lid films very efficiently and is suitable for numerous peelable and lock seal applications. Typical applications are fresh vegetables, microwave dishes, meat and convenience food. etc. The demands on quality by the consumer are high: Clear view of the product - despite closed container - as a convincing argument for freshness.
That means: Unique product characteristics for our customers and that without compromises.


  • CPP Sealing Film ( Lock Seal) – PP 170 AF: Earlier sealing, good sealing window, firm sealing for diverse lid applications. For different sealing applications with the advantages of high seal integrity. Thereby, the relevant characteristics for further processing of the film bond are maintained, for example, the reaction when laminating, imprinting or sealing.
  • CPP Peel Films (Peelable) – PP 370 C-HPS-AF: In addition to antifog, the functions particularly include no stringing, easy to open with reliable sealing which is ensured by our surface peel system. An adhesive/burst peel version follows.
  • In addition to good cold fog characteristics, the antifog system is distinguished by the fact that it features no negative effects during processing, e.g. by laminating and storage, that otherwise result in a typical industrial restrictions. It even survives the sterilisation process.
  • A hygiene certified production process EN 15593 (from extrusion to converting) of our products correspond to the strict requirements of the food industry.