For an uncomplicated further processing and a convincing functionality: with our premade 3-sided sealed bags, we offer a real advantage. During film production, we use only selected raw materials that are extruded inhouse. In further production steps, we are printing the outer film layer which might be a PET-O, PA-O or other materials according to customer’s needs. Lamination might be solvent based or solvent free. The COVERIS 3-side sealed bag represents a robust packaging solution that can perfectly serve any product requirement thanks to its flexible design options. In combination with the simplified manufacturing process, this type of packaging is an economical and high-quality solution for products such as powders, granules or pastry goods.


  • Efficiency, premade bags can also be used in fully automated packaging processes
  • Flexibility, dimensions and features are individually adapted to your application
  • Expertise, we have been manufacturing sealed edge pouches for decades
  • The 3-edge sealed bag can be optimally  adapted to the most varied product properties  and to individual filling volume


  • Food
  • Confectionery
  • Pet food
  • Spices, Herbs
  • Pharmaceutical products
  • Bulk materials