• Thanks to weight reductions, the packaging  system offers a good cost structure
  • Improved future recyclability  of the bottom film 
  • Seals reliably lidding film  on Mono PET film 
  • Consumer-friendly opening 
  • Can be resealed at least 10 times
  • Seals even through contaminated seal surfaces
  • More bottom film on the roll  reduces the number of rolls required 
  • More bottom film on each pallet reduces space requirements and logistics expenses 
  • Highly transparent
  • Suitable for printing up to 10+1 colours
  • Partial or full-surface finish  with matt or paper-effect finishing possible 
  • Excellent stiffness 
  • The gas barrier can be adapted  to the product
  • Use foamed mono-PET bottom films to  achieve a further reduction in weight 
  • Can be processed  in existing machines 
  • Low odour


  • Packaging meat and sausage products
  • Packaging cheese
  • Packaging dairy products
  • Can be used for refrigerated and frozen storage
  • Also suitable for other products