Our range of co-extruded and laminated lidding films is optimized to run trouble-free at various machines, including thermoforming and tray sealing packaging machines, or MAP and vacuum packaging machines. The barrier properties range from low and medium to high barrier levels depending on the product needs.


  • Thickness reduction up to 30% –  more meters per reel for less roll changes
  • Weight reduction – optimized carbon footprint
  • More meters per reel gives more meters per palett and therefore less storage and logistic costs
  • Negligible validation effort due to an  unchanged printing layer (PET 12)
  • Excellent mechanical properties –  less tearing when opening the pack
  • Convenience properties
  • High barrier properties available
  • Printing up to 10 + 1 colours
  • Finishing with matt lacquer and  paper effect, partially or fully


  • For processed meat and sausage
  • For fish
  • Other food products on request