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Market Applications

Films for a circular economy

Mono material PE+ films or PE to PE laminates for lidding applications. Providing a recyclable (when removed) alternative to other non-recyclable lidding films, both mono and laminate solutions seals to all PP, rPET, aPET, cPET and fibreboard trays.

Offering peel-seal openability and compatible with existing perforation and shelf life technologies, as well as specialist barrier coatings, the new sustainable films work to deliver a recyclable format that does not compromise lifecycle or functionality.

Mono films are also available with a high-gloss lacquer for improved clarity and gloss, allowing for laminate replacement.

Performance Benefits


  • Single-substrate PE lidding with built-in performance features
  • Fully recyclable when removed
  • High-gloss lacquer version available for laminate replacement
  • Seals to all PP, rPET, aPET, cPET and fibreboard trays
  • 1-10 printable colours conventional or HD flexo
  • EVOH barrier option
  • Anti-mist recyclable coating
  • Compatible with shelf life optimisation technologies for improved freshness


  • Tray salads
  • Mushrooms, tomatoes
  • Berries & grapes
  • Prepared fruit & vegetables
  • Chicken portions
  • Cooked meats & bacon