Thanks to the stretch sleeves, you can easily decorate your containers (bottles, cans, etc.) without glue or heat and thanks to HD fl exographic printing in up to 8 colours. This solution, which is more cost-eff ective than shrink sleeves, has been environmentally friendly thanks to a reduction in the carbon footprint and the ease with which the label can be separated from the container to allow it to be recycled.


  • Printed in HD Flexo up to 8 colours
  • Uses the elastic properties of the fi lm
  • Dedicated fi lm formula (LDPE) developed by Coveris France
  • Flexible volume capabilities
  • Short delivery times
  • Cost eff ective alternative to shrink sleeves - savings up to 50%
  • Deformation rate up to 55%
  • 360° printing is possible
  • Easier to separate from PET bottles through the recycle process
  • Does not peel off
  • Possibility to place a label on the sleeve
  • Possibility to make a perforation or a precut as well as micro-cuts
  • Additional barrier possible in order to protect the printing (technical sleeve)
  • Possibility to place a number on the inner or outer part of the sleeve
  • Reduce carbon footprint thanks to cleaner application process


  • Beverages
  • Hygiene & Personal Care Products
  • Dairy
  • Detergents
  • Chemical Liquids
  • Promotional batch